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I don't like how stupid toxic people have become louder and more confident.

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RW 20th Anniversary Timeline

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Road Waffles ran from 1999-2005 on
The first and second volumes are considered finished, while the third is unfinished with too many loose ends and branching stories.
A fourth volume was released in 2011, which is more or less completed at the end of a major arc.
Road Waffles 5 started in March 2019 but is on a current hiatus since summer 2020.
Just for fun: 10 Similarities between Road Waffles & Rick and Morty

Kekki-chan (2015) was a pilot for a webcomic that didn't happen.
Tambourine Larceny [M]ature
Vexy [T]een or w/e
MaxPanic was a precursor to Road Waffles, with its major characters reappearing in RW2 and RW4.
BloodLark is old and unfinished.

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Oban: Star-Racers
Revisit an obscure gem of a show.
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